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  • "We aspire to offer our users a fully digital ecosystem, accompanying them at every essential stage of their lives."
    Céline Frédéric
    Head of Product
  • "We believe that innovation, passion and dedication are the keys to delivering an exceptional user experience."
    François Rousseau
    Lead Designer
  • "At atHomeGroup, we firmly believe that the growth of our employees is the key to our collective success."
    Emeline Repplinger
    People Business Partner

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Are you curious and ambitious? Are you passionate or an expert in your field?

atHome's strength lies in its corporate culture.

Our corporate culture is based on innovation, personal and professional fulfillment, the constant pursuit of excellence and sharing, all with a dose of agility. Each of our employees understands the impact of his or her work on the overall success of atHome, which motivates us to take on new challenges every day with commitment and enthusiasm.
Our diversity of profiles, from loyal employees with over 15 years' experience to new talents, constitutes our human capital and enriches our company with a variety of experiences and perspectives, reflecting the diversity of our markets.

Despite our rapid growth, we have managed to preserve our start-up spirit, with the motto “working seriously without taking ourselves too seriously”, while ensuring the balanced development of our teams.
"We focus on the constant evolution of skills and listen to our teams' ambitions and aspirations.
We want to help our people grow."
Soufiane Saadi - CEO d'atHomeGroup

Our values

Our one and only aim is to make everyday life easier for our customers and users. Every innovation, every decision, is carefully thought out to support the users of our brands at every key stage in their lives.
Renewing, rethinking and challenging ourselves to achieve excellence is part of our daily routine. We're always exploring new avenues, challenging ourselves and taking risks, always with a view to making our customers' and users' daily lives easier.
Everyone is free to undertake and propose new initiatives. This freedom enables everyone in the group to be committed and to give their all to the success of their project. In this way, we are committed to achieving our goals of satisfying our customers and users through the pursuit of new innovations.
Everything we do, we do as a team. Each of us contributes his or her part, and it's by working together towards a common goal that we raise the group to a higher level. Together, we learn from each other. Our collective intelligence and cohesion enable us to move forward and make the right decisions.
Taking care of you, and of us, means ensuring that we can provide you with the best possible support in all your life projects. So at atHome, every link, every connection, every exchange with our customers, our users, or even internally, counts. We care about each other.
We don't settle for anything less. We have a thirst for knowledge. We're constantly looking for ways to optimize both our internal processes and the services we offer, and we're always pushing back the boundaries. We challenge ourselves when necessary, and keep pace with user needs.

Looking for your future job?