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The leadership team is shaping the future with an extensive range of knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve our users’ lives today and into the future.

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet our executive leaders who bring their own unique skills, expertise and experience to inspire innovation every day.
Soufiane Saadi - Chief Executive Officer
Soufiane, with over 17 years' experience in digital and finance, currently leads atHome Group as CEO. His background includes 6 years at PwC and a key role in the European financial management of Zynga, a gaming giant. Within atHome since 2015, he first took on the roles of CFO and COO, before heading the company. Under his leadership, the goal has always been to create value by aligning efforts with the vision of simplifying and de-stressing users' lifestyle choices. Soufiane has been an engine of growth for atHome, fostering its expansion both organically and through acquisitions, to develop a unique ecosystem covering the entire value chain, from research to sales, including financing and insurance, for both properties and vehicles.
Mathieu Toussaint - Chief Revenue Officer
With 17 years' experience and a background as a sales engineer, Mathieu has built up an expertise in business development, holding key positions in various sectors, from consulting (at Deloitte, Kearney) to management in international companies and startups such as Triamant and Cohabs. His career has been marked by significant contributions to corporate strategy, operational efficiency, digitalization and innovation. Recently, the role of Chief Revenue Officer, crucial to optimizing a company's revenue streams, has gained in importance in Luxembourg. In this context, Mathieu is focusing on sustainably increasing the Group's revenues, improving integration and coordination between teams, and exploiting new growth opportunities.
Brice Zossi - Chief Product & Technology officer
Brice has over 12 years' experience in web development and digital project management, having designed innovative solutions for big names like E.Leclerc and Banque Populaire.
Passionate about sharing his knowledge, he wrote for technology magazines and taught at university before joining atHome in 2017. There, he played a key role in enhancing the group's real estate and automotive platforms and now heads the technical department, aiming to create user-centric digital solutions.
Motivated by challenges, Brice pushes his team to excel in a demanding environment.
In 2020, atHome joined Mayfair Equity Partners as part of its portfolio companies.